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Video producer is looking for someone who can record and produce technical videos.


  • Have some software engineering experience (the material we produce is very technical, and the audience are software engineers)
  • Have some experience recording and editing videos (e.g. OBS, Camtasia, or equivalent)
  • Have access to hardware (Doesn't have to be studio-level, but a high-resolution monitor and good sound card)

You will record yourself walking through our text-based tutorials, building and configuring applications while sharing your screen.

In most cases, we will have existing text-based tutorials that you can walk through, so you won't need expertise in each language, but you will need to be able to set up various languages and other software on your own machine while walking through the guide.

See some examples.

About the role

  • 🌐 Globally distributed company (provide your own laptop, internet, and a quiet space to work). We are legally based in the Netherlands, but most of the team in South Africa, split between Cape Town and Joburg.
  • πŸ• Flexible hours. We work mainly asynchronously over Slack, but you will have a weekly one-on-one for mentorship and discussing your work. We usually work on a retainer basis (x hours/month for a fixed monthly rate), but we can also structure contracts per video or per hour in some cases.


Apply by filling out this form.

Email if you have questions with 'VIDEO PRODUCER' as a subject.