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Staff writer

Staff Engineering Writer - Generalist technologist and team lead

We're looking for a full-time Staff Engineering Writer to work on proof-of-concept engineering projects, write guides, documentation, and blog posts about how it's done, help us with trials, and mentor a team of junior and intermediate engineers and writers.

Who we are

Ritza is a technical writing agency. We create documentation, blog posts, guides, ebooks, and other technical materials, usually for software engineers. All our writers have engineering experience and they produce the materials that they would want themselves.

Although we work fully remotely, most of the team is in South Africa and we meet up in person at least once per year.

What we offer

  • A globally distributed, asynchronous work environment (since before covid). We communicate mainly on Slack, with occasional Zoom calls. We are guided by our principles which describe in more detail our focus on crafting.
  • Greenfield projects: most of our work is building proof-of-concept applications and integrations and documenting how that is done. This is often very satisfying as you can start from scratch without tech debt, and make your own decisions about structure and tooling.
  • Small team: we're around 10 people with a mix of full and part-time at the moment. Join us and make your mark by helping to define how we scale.

What we are looking for

You should have 5 or more years experience as a professional software engineer, developing software that runs in a production setting. You should have at least 2 years of experience in a management position, having people report to you and being responsible for their output and technical growth.

You should be able to pick up new tools, frameworks, and languages easily. This is a generalist role where you will cover full stack engineering, including frontend, backend, devops, databases, integrations, cloud, and more.

You should have some experience writing: a personal blog, technical documentation, or anything else is fine, but even better if you've pushed production documentation or technical blogs before.

Apply by filling out this form (note it is a generic form we use for all applications so some fields may not apply).

Email gareth-at-ritza-dot-co if you have questions with 'STAFF ENGINEERING WRITER' as a subject.

[We are also hiring for several existing and future projects, so feel free to fill out the form if you’re interested in tech writing even if you’re not a perfect fit.]