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Cross posting


  • We cross post articles after they have been published on the blog on Medium.
  • The services@ritza account has access to submit to the Bryntum publication, so get access to that account.
  • Create a new draft and copy from the markdown, one section at a time, as if you copy the entire thing, the code blocks will not always get the correct formatting
  • For each code block, add three backticks which creates a new code block in medium and copy the code from GitHub. You can use the 'copy code block' button for this


  • Still images should copy across automatically, but webm and mp4 files will not. Save these locally and convert them to .gif, e.g. using
  • Check that all links and images and code samples etc are as expected

Submit the publication to Bryntum



Create a meta description under the title. .

Add topics like JavaScript, Gantt Chart, or something else that is relevant. Look for the topics taht are most popular, e.g. here pick "Gantt Chart" because it has way more uses than the other options.

  • Sign into Bryntum's account and select "Create Post".
  • Change the account from "Personal" to "Bryntum" in the dropdown menu next to "Create Post".

  • Copy the markdown content of the post from GitHub's "Raw" view and paste it into the editor.
  • Don't publish the draft - even when you're done. Select the "Save draft" option as you work.

Add Images to the Post

  • Download the images from the GitHub repo onto your local machine.
  • Find the images in the article by using "Ctrl + F" and searching for the folder name that the images were saved to in the GitHub repo. For example, search for "images" if the images were saved to a folder of that name

  • Upload the corresponding image which you saved earlier by clicking on the image icon.

  • You can also cut and paste the original alt text to the new image's "Image Description"

Include the Canonical URL

Click on the hexagonal icon at the bottom of the "Create Post" page and paste in

Add Tags

Add three or four tags to categorize the post under the article's title. Aim to select some popular tags that apply from the "Top tags" suggestions.

Check the Post

Select "Preview" from the top right of the "Create Post" page. Scroll through the article and check that the images headings, code blocks, bullet points and links are displayed correctly. You can do side-by-side comparison with a published version to easily spot issues.

Remember to select "Save draft" and not "Publish".