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Social media

Social media goes through

  • An engineering writer (writes tweets, creates demo videos)
  • A proofreader (proofreading)
  • A social media manager (uploading and scheduling)

We prepare posts in weekly batches, one week ahead.

  • Monday: engineering writer drafts all tweets and creates all videos in the [internal] doc
  • Tuesday: proofreading and sign-off from customer
  • Wednesday/Thursday: schedule and upload

Google doc notes

  • Don't link text that should actually go into the posts - post the entire link rather as you can't link specific text in e.g. Twitter
  • Attach graphics with a public link and ATTACH as the text.


  • All Bryntum demos are using the banner maker tool
  • Text, title, icons in demos are correct and don't have typos or spacing issues
  • All demos are < 5MB in size
  • Demos have aspect ratio of exactly 16:9
  • Demos are high quality - 4k or retina
  • Text is phrased as a call to action or question
  • Text fits within Tweet length limits (note you can use fewer characters when using an image/video/link)
  • Codepen links are forked to the Bryntum account