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Using Git for Replit

We keep a fork of Replit's documentation repository in the Ritza organization.

Replit merges their own work into the docs repository throughout the month. In order to make sure we are always working from a 'fresh' version, we should branch off their master branch, not ours.

The easiest way to do this is as follows.

Setting up

This assumes you already have git installed locally, and are set up with the correct permissions on the Ritza GitHub org

Clone our fork of their repository to your local machine

git clone

You now have a copy on your own machine, with the remote called "origin" pointing to our fork on GitHub

Local   ------> origin

Add the Replit version as a new remote by running:

git remote add replit

Now your local version knows about two remotes, "origin" (Ritza) and "replit" (Replit). You can verify this by running

git remote get-url origin
git remote get-url replit

              /- origin
Local   -----/
              \- replit
For convenience, add ritza as a remote too, with the same URL as origin.

git remote add ritza

Making a change to the documentation

To make a change to the docs (e.g. adding a new tutorial, or fixing an existing page), you should always

  1. Update your local master branch, so that it matches Replit's master
  2. Branch off your (now up-to-date) local master branch into a new local branch
  3. Push this new branch to the Ritza remote (you won't have permission to push to Replit's version directly)
  4. Open a pull request into Ritza's master branch (this won't be merged, and will be transfered to a PR against the Replit version, but we can use it for internal coordination)

NOTE: When you open the pull request on GitHub it will automatically switch to opening it against the upstream (Replit's version). Make sure to switch the "base branch" back to Ritza's version using the dropdown before opening the PR).

[ Replit's version]         [Ritza's Fork]

     |                              ^
     | git pull                     | git push ritza add-wordle-tutorial      
     |                              |
     v                              |

[Your local version]----------- add-wordle-tutorial
       master         git checkout -b 

Steps to achieve this

# ensure you're on master, pull in the new changes, and hard reset your branch to match theirs
git checkout master
git pull replit master
git reset --hard upstream/master

# create a new branch off your clean local master branch
git checkout -b add-wordle-tutorial

# make the changes you want
# ...
# -------------------------

# push your changes to ritza
git add .
git commit -m "added draft wordle tutorial"
git push ritza add-wordle-tutorial

# you'll now see a link that you can visit to open the PR