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Create a PDF version of Device42 documentation site

  • Start the docs project on localhost:3000
  • Run the following command (note the PDF is 1500+ pages, so it takes up to 30 mins to generate, hence the protocolTimeout)
  • Save something like this document as a PDF and add it as the first page, deleting the first page that is automatically generated
npx docs-to-pdf --initialDocURLs="http://localhost:3000/getstarted/" --contentSelector="article" --paginationSelector="a.pagination-nav__link.pagination-nav__link--next" --excludeSelectors=".margin-vert--xl a,[class^='tocCollapsible'],.breadcrumbs,.theme-edit-this-page" --coverImage="" --coverTitle="Device42 Documentation" --protocolTimeout 18000000

Editing the file in (e.g. to delete the first page and add the custom cover) increases the file size a lot.An alternative is to use pdftk (brew install pdftk-java).

Then create a version without the first page, and add the cover into a new doc called 'combined.pdf'.

pdftk docs-to-pdf.pdf cat 2-end output docs-excluding-first.pdf
pdftk A=cover.pdf B=docs-excluding-first.pdf cat A B output combined.pdf