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Applying to Ritza

We get more applications than we can process or respond to. We don't have an HR team.

Upside: If we engage with you after reviewing your application, you will immediately get personal attention from a decision maker. We won't make you jump through hoops for weeks or months, just to ghost you at the end of the process.

Downside: We don't have the capacity to respond to every single applicant.

If you don't hear from us after applying, please consider your application unsuccessful.

We keep all applications on file and may reach out to existing applicants months or even years later if a new role looks like a good fit.

Tips for increasing your application's chance of success

We like applications that:

  • Include a writing sample, even if it's a sample you aren't particularly proud of or haven't published.
  • Give us a sense of who you are.

You are less likely to hear from us if you:

  • Spam us regularly and on multiple channels. If you follow up on your application after a few hours or a few days, or try to contact us on multiple channels (Slack, email, filling out the form multiple times), or do anything to try get more of our attention, we will move your application to the back of the queue.
  • Don't follow the application process. We will only consider applications made through our application form. Emails and Slack messages will be ignored.
  • Leave most of the fields in the form blank. Our form tells you to leave out fields that don't seem relevant, but if you leave out many or most of the fields, we will probably ignore your application.
  • Send a very, very long CV. Your CV should ideally be one page long. Put the most relevant information at the top (previous experience and highest level of education). If your CV is 8 pages about your primary school achievements and your 10 years of technical writing experience is hidden on page 8, we'll probably ignore your application.
  • Send a very, very short CV. If your CV is two sentences with barely any information about your previous work experience or education, we will ignore your application.
  • Add to this form. If you do anything that gets added to this page (these are all real examples), we will probably ignore your application.