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Finding the equivalent URLs and content in different places

The URLs on are built from the folder structure in the GitHub repository. In order to find the editable version of a specific page.

  1. Visit our fork of the Replit docs
  2. Press "Fetch upstream" to bring in any changes from their version

fetch upstream

  1. Navigate to the docs folder by clicking on it in GitHub.
  2. Look at the last two parts of the URL from the link. In this example, they are tutorials/game-of-life-kaboom:
  3. In GitHub, click on the first part (tutorials in the example above) and then the second part with a .md extension ( [NOTE: sometimes there will be an extra number, so in this example it's actually]
  4. Click on the file
  5. If you need the raw markdown version, click on 'raw' get raw

You can also build the URLs manually as they follow the following patterns.

Raw link:

Edit link: