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Code Capsules Video Structure for Deployment Guides

This is the structure that we follow when creating video deployment guides for Code Capsules.

  1. Convert the deployment guide into a video script. We use first and second person pronouns in the video script. First person pronouns for what you will show and second person pronouns for what the intended audience should have or will see.


    In this guide, I will show you how to deploy on Code Capsules. Before we begin, you need to have both a Github and a Code Capsules account.

  2. Provide an introduction. What will the audience achieve at the end of the deployment guide.

  3. Link to the existing videos and guides for creating Github and Code Capsules accounts. This is so that these steps are not repeated in every guide. Todo: Put the links here once the videos are up on YouTube.

  4. Show the the Code Capsules Github repository where we will fork the example application to deploy.

  5. Create a Space in Code Capsules for the deployment.

  6. Connect to Github and give Code Capsules permissions to read our Github account. Then select the repository you want Code Capsules to pull from.

  7. Create a Capsule or Capsules based on the deployment steps. Show how to view build logs.If there is more than one capsule, show how to bind the capsules together.

  8. Show how to update the Capsule parameters (if there is need) and then restart the capsule to make the changes effective.

  9. Show a live demonstration of the recently deployed application.

  10. Provide an outro. This includes what the audience achieved by following the guide and next steps.