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Adding new docs

Each section you can see in the sidebar in has a corresponding folder in the main repository at To add a new doc, add a new markdown file to the relevant folder, update the sidebar.json file (covered below) and add any images/screenshots to a directory with the same name as the doc in static/images....


Each section also has a folder in the static/images directory. These are not always named the same as the folder for the markdown files -- for examples teams-edu in the root folder corresponds to teamsForEducation in static/images.

Inside the respective folder, create a new folder for your tutorial named the same as your markdown file without the .md extension.

To refer to the image in the markdown file, omit the static part of the relative reference.


You're adding a 'git command line tutorial' file to the 'programming ide' section. You would

  • Create a new file called to the programming-ide folder in the root of the repository.
  • Create a new folder called git-command-line-tutorial in static/images/programming-ide.
  • Add any images you need to that new directory.
  • To refer to an image called image1.png in the markdown file, you would use /images/programming-ide/git-command-line-tutorial/image1.png.


The sidebar.json file in the root of the repository contains JSON definitions of the sidebar / table of contents. Add your tutorial to the relevant section.

  • For slug use the name of your markdown file without the .md extension
  • For name usually use the same name as the title / first line of your markdown file (the H1), but if it's longer than 3-5 words then shorten it for hte sidebar title.

Opening the pull request

See Using Git for Replit.