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Introduce Kaboom and write a brief description of what the tutorial covers.

You can find the link to the code at

Explain the code

This explanation can take many different formats. Ideally, it's worth breaking up the code in relevant sections and explaining each section of code to make it easier for the reader to understand and absorb the information.

You're welcome to include extra headings as you see fit.

Furthermore, to improve formatting, you can enclose function, variable and code-related names etc used inline within backticks e.g. add(). For longer code snippets, you can use three backticks e.g.


const SPEED = 320;

Things to try

At the end, point the reader to where they could learn more about the Kaboom library. Also, include a couple of challenges that the reader could try to extend the code and build their knowledge/skills.

You can find the code for this tutorial here - remember to edit the name of the tutorial: