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FusionAuth style sheet

FusionAuth has comprehensive documentation guidelines that you can familiarize yourself with. This style sheet is where we track the information that we find most relevant to the content we produce for FusionAuth.

Markup languages

FusionAuth documentation is written in AsciiDoc (*.adoc). Take a look at the AsciiDoc Syntax Quick Reference for formatting tips.

FusionAuth blog posts are formatted in Markdown (*.md). Here's a guide to basic Markdown syntax.

Style specifics

The rules for style we highlight here are only those that deviate from the Ritza style guide or are specific to FusionAuth.

Heading capitalization

  • FusionAuth uses start case for titles and section headings, which uses initial capitals for every word, for example: Using The FusionAuth React SDK In A React Application.

Personal pronouns

  • Use second person not first person plural ("you" not "we").

Code snippets

  • Don't use a colon before a code snippet. End the introductory sentence with a period.
  • Use title case for code captions.


  • Use classes instead of backticks in the following cases:
    • Referencing a field in a form or JSON API doc: [field] for example, [field]#Issuer#.
    • Referencing a UI element or button: [uielement] for example, "Click the [uielement]#Ok# button".
  • Links should be fully qualified and never include a slash at the end: link:/docs/v1/tech/apis/users.

FusionAuth preferred formatting

  • Id (not ID, referring to a unique identifier)
  • curl (not Curl or cURL)
  • pre-configured (not preconfigured)

Find more FusionAuth formatting preferences in this list.