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Expectations at Ritza

We have a nuanced view on expectation setting. One of our principles is "Remember, people are human", and we go to what many would consider extreme lengths to avoid anything that objectifies people, including performance management. That said, collaboration requires some form of shared understanding and instead of having people guess at this, we try to make the expectations that we do have explicit.

Be honest and fulfill your agreement

Nearly everything at Ritza is honesty based. You probably have an agreement that stipulates that you will work a certain number of hours per week or per month for us. We do not do time tracking or monitoring to ensure that you keep to this agreement, but we do expect complete honesty from you at all times. If you can't fit in your hours for any reason, speak about this in your 1:1 to find a solution.

Common opinions are "But I have done all my assigned work in less time" or "I work smart, not hard". We acknowledge both, but we have decided on hourly agreements for several reasons, and we expect everyone to try their best to add value to Ritza for this time. This means that we expect you to be a manager of one and to find something productive to do if you have finished any tasks discussed explicitly and still have time left. We hire smart people who are self-motivated so working 'smart not hard' is a baseline expectation from everyone and not something to justify putting in less work.