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The technical producer role

Our technical project managers are customer-facing. They are ultimately responsible for

  • Meeting with customers and agreeing what needs to be done or prioritized
  • Creating detailed briefs for the production team
  • Delivering work within agreed deadlines to customers
  • Quality and customer satisfaction
  • Project management
  • Publication, including SEO optimization
  • Tracking of metrics and reporting these to the customer
  • Sharing a monthly summary of work completed with the customer

They work directly with our customers, as well as with the production team of writers, editors, quality assurance engineers and designers.

As with all roles in Ritza, this is a hands-on role and the producer will actively work on each article in collaboration with a writer, quality assurance engineer, editor, and designer.


In general, this means that the technical producer:

  • Is the main point of contact for our customer, responding promptly to them on Slack or Email and updating the production ritza- Slack channel as relevant.
  • Initiates conversations with our customer to ensure the production team always has something in the queue to work on, suggesting topics if necessary, and proactively keeping the customer informed with status updates or gathering input and feedback as required.
  • Actively uses the Customer's product where relevant.
  • Does SEO research using Semrush to find what problems and questions potential readers are having.
  • Creates briefs in Trello cards describing the goal of an article, its target audience, ideal length, and any search intents from the SEO research.
  • Discusses briefs with the writer's manager to agree on goal deadlines.
  • 'Nudges' articles if necessary between writing, qa, editing, and design.
  • Creates an external version of articles to gather feedback from the customer.
  • Implements minor feedback directly, or in collaboration with the production team if required.
  • Writes meta descriptions, titles, and other SEO elements if required.
  • Publishes the article.