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Software engineering writer internship is looking for an intern software engineering writer. Our engineering writers are people who are interested in both software engineering and writing. We produce technical tutorials, guides, ebooks, and other educational materials, with an emphasis on the technical side -- most of our articles contain code samples, so engineering skills are required. Writing experience is preferred, but our team can help you learn if you have a strong interest in writing.

About the role

  • 🌐 Globally distributed company (provide your own laptop, internet, and a quiet space to work). We are legally based in the Netherlands, but most of the team in South Africa, split between Cape Town and Joburg.
  • πŸ’° R12000/month
  • πŸ• Flexible hours. We work mainly asynchronously over Slack, but you will have a weekly one-on-one for mentorship and discussing your work. You'll be expected to work around 40h/week, but when and where is almost entirely up to you.

Your day-to-day work will consist of building proof-of-concept applications using different stacks and frameworks, writing about how you did it, and helping us keep our existing articles and ebooks up-to-date. The tools we use include GitHub, Slack, Markdown, and Google Docs, but we don't require experience in these.


You should have experience coding, preferably backend. Our projects tend to involve Python, JavaScript, web frameworks, and DevOps, but we produce articles in many other areas too. You should be willing to learn new tools and stacks as required.

Ideally, you have some experience writing too, preferably in a non-fiction context. A technical blog, Medium or account, answers on Stack Overflow, or anything else is fine. If you have never written before, we'll ask you to produce a short writing sample for us as part of our interviewing process.


Apply by filling out this form. (Note that this is a generic form we use for several roles, so some fields may not apply).

Email gareth-at-ritza-dot-co if you have questions with 'INTERN ENGINEERING WRITER' as a subject.

[We are also hiring for several existing and future projects, so feel free to fill out the form if you’re interested in tech writing in general but don't meet the requirements mentioned above].