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Quality Assurance Engineer

  • 🌐 Global
  • πŸ• 20-40h / week, indefinitely
  • πŸ’° Rate: You tell us

We are looking for a QA Engineer who

  • Runs through the steps in our technical guides and tutorials, ensuring that they are easy to follow, and that code and configuration samples are correct
  • Replaces any screenshots with higher quality, annotated versions

In this role, you will be going through many different guides and tutorials, which means it also presents a good opportunity for learning new tools, frameworks, and platforms.

What we offer

A globally distributed, asynchronous work environment. We communicate mainly on Slack, with occasional Zoom calls. We are guided by our principles which describe in more detail our focus on crafting.

What we're looking for

You should have some experience with coding, and not be afraid of installing new tooling, languages and frameworks as you walk through our step-by-step guides. Most of our guides relate to backend or fullstack software engineering, so you shouldn't be afraid of using languages like Python, NodeJS, Java, and tools like Docker and Kubernetes.

Specifically, we are looking for:

  • Some experience developing software.
  • A Macbook Pro or similar (we use Mac-specific software for annotating our screenshots, and we require a Retina or 4K screen to take high quality screenshots).
  • A good eye for detail - you should be able to find errors and omissions that the writer-engineer who wrote the tutorial missed.

How to apply

Fill out this form.

If you have any questions, please email editor-at-ritza-dot-co with the subject line QA ENGINEER ROLE.