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Invoicing guidelines

Your invoice needs to follow some standard requirements, including:

  • The invoice date
  • a description of services provided
  • the currency and amount
  • a sequential invoice number
  • your contact details
  • our contact details.

It should also contain your international bank details (see note about countries we can pay to below).


We process invoices on the last working day of each calendar month. All invoices submitted up to 5pm on the second-last working day of each month will be included. Any late invoices will only be processed on the last working day of the following month.

To allow time for any queries etc, please submit your invoices on or before the 25th of each month. If you have a retainer agreement for us for a fixed monthly number of hours, you can invoice for the entire month (e.g. including the hours you'll still complete between the 25th and end of month). If you have an hourly agreement with us, please invoice for the hours completed up to the 25th, and include any hours done after the 25th in the following month's invoice.

Contact details

Please make the invoice out to

Ritza B.V.
Kwikstaartlaan 42 
Unit E1992
3704GS Zeist
The Netherlands

VAT number: NL864041895B01
KVK registration: 86666606

Email the invoice as an attachment in PDF format to Please do not send links to invoices hosted online. The email should have exactly one attachment (the invoice), and send one email per invoice if sending multiple invoices.


We pay via EFT (South Africa), ACH (United States), or SEPA (IBAN) transfers (most of Europe). We cannot pay via PayPal, Crypocurrency, or any other custom provider.

You will not be charged transfer fees and will receive the full agreed amount. If you are in South Africa and have not received money from abroad recently, you will need to fill out a short online form which will be emailed to you after the payment is made.

Checklist / common errors in invoices

  • Full international bank details, including the exact name your account is in, and the exact full name of your bank.
  • Note that common local abbreviations like "FNB" for "First National Bank" do not work for international payments
  • Note that unlike for local payments, international payments are verified by account name, so use exactly the name of your account as it appears on your bank statements, and not an unofficial "trading as" name.