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One on ones at Ritza

Most people have a 1:1 with me (Gareth) of at least 30 minutes every week. While we may discuss what you're working on etc during this time, the focus is on any way I can help you -- not just with your work at Ritza, but in general. You're welcome to come prepared with a list of things you'd like to discuss - this could be anything you want, e.g. your career development, going over your code or writing in depth, asking about Ritza's history and goals, or anything else.

This is your time and you're encouraged to use it in a way that is valuable for you.


These 1:1s are scheduled as a 30-minute calendar invite, but I will almost always have the 30 minute slot directly after available too, so if you need more time you are very welcome to use that too. You can also schedule additional 1:1s at any point if you have something urgent to discuss.