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Best Python Books For Beginners

Python is a great language for beginners to start learning programming in. Here's a review of the best Python books around in 2021.

Learn Python the Hard Way is focused on giving students practical experience through coding exercises from the get go. It is great for people who just want to build projects as soon as possible without a good understanding of the theory behind it. You can buy a copy here for $22.00.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python is one of the top international best sellers for Python 3. It is written for anyone looking to automate boring repetitive tasks as its name suggests and includes challenges at the end of each chapter to make sure you’ve understood the concepts you’ve been taught. The book is great for learning automation but isn’t recommended for people looking to become full Python developers. A copy is available here for $28.00.

Python crash course is one of the best selling Python books of all time and it’s for a good reason. The book does a satisfactory job at trying to balance its theoretical and practical parts, giving students an understanding of how the applications they build work the way they do. As of the time of writing of this article you can buy a copy of this book for $21.49 on amazon.

Learn Python the Right Way is a modern adaptation of How To Think Like A Computer Scientist with a few tweaks to make the learning experience more easy going. It is part 1 in a Python course that aims to give students both theoretical knowledge and practical experience by applying computer science fundamentals in real world scenarios. The bonus for this book is it's free and available for download or reading on its website.

Part 2 of the above mentioned course uses a book called Code with Replit which is a collection of exciting Python projects and games you can build right away with no setup steps using the Replit online IDE. The book leans on the knowledge students would have acquired from part 1 of the course and is written in a detailed step by step nature to ensure you never fall behind. Code with Replit is also for free and available here.