Our work with Repl.it

Ritza has produced several tutorials for Repl.it, an online coding platform. These are beginner to intermediate coding projects that walk the reader through building a practical mini-solution to a real-world problem.

They are each independent from each other, but they can also be used together as a collection as a way for programmers to gain practical knowledge in several related areas.

The articles also form a collection which can be accessed as a single ebook in epub, mobi or pdf formats.

Beginner web scraping with Python and Repl.it

This is a beginner’s introduction to web scraping where the reader will be shown how the web works and how HTML is structured and will build a Python scraper to download specific content from a specific site.

Building news word clouds using Python and Repl.it

This can be followed independently of the previous tutorial but assumes some of the knowledge shared there. The reader will build a web scraper using the Python Newspaper library to remove extra “boilerplate” content.

Building a Discord Bot with Python and Repl.it

Here the reader learns how to build a basic echo bot using the Discord API. It leaves the reader with a basic bot set up that can be customized further.

Building a Discord bot with Node.js and Repl.it

This is simply a translation of the Python version, but it’s still recommended for developers to go through both so that they can see the differences (and similarities) between the languages in a real project.

Creating and hosting a basic web application with Django and Repl.it

Here the reader learns how to set up a Django project from scratch and host it with Repl.it.

Building a CRM app with NodeJS, Repl.it, and MongoDB

In this tutorial the reader builds a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) with NodeJS, showing basic crud applications. This is not a translation of the Django tutorial but many of the same concepts are covered.

Introduction to Machine Learning with Python and repl.it

Here the reader learns about some basic Machine Learning (text classification) using Repl.it. This is a high level tutorial showing how to train a classifier and generate predictions and does not get into the maths involved.

Quicksort tutorial: Python implementation with line by line explanation

This is the most abstract and theoretical of the collection and shows the reader how to implement quicksort from scratch. This is more useful for interview practice or understanding university homework.