What makes Ritza’s content different?

Instead of using our services, you might choose to find a freelancer, employ a full time content writer, create an in-house content team, or contract an agency. All of these are valid options and we’ll gladly refer you if they seem a better fit for your needs.

However, we distinguish ourselves from all of these options in several ways


Our content is created by a team of professionals

Ritza’s content is created by a team of people who all have expertise in technology and writing. By contrast, most other content on the web is produced either by


An individual writer, often “unpolished” in terms of editing, design, and readability


A content team that produces generic 'fluff' content, that is gamified for views and other metrics.

Ritza’s team consists solely of craftspeople: doers, not overseers. These are people who understand the audience very well, as they are part of it. They are creating the content that they wish existed. The writer is always the main contributor to any piece of content, and is supported by editors and designers as necessary.

While many content agencies claim that their writing is produced by “experts”, they often pay 1c-10c/word for this “expert created” content, with the rest of the fee being absorbed by account managers and other business focussed people. The “expert” is often someone without much expertise on the topic.


Our content is beautiful and distraction free

A vast majority of content is cluttered and ugly. It contains many CTAs to try to get the reader to do something (often to spend money or sign up for a mailing list). By contrast, Ritza’s gives readers the content that they need and then gets out of the way. This approach does not result in an increase of vanity metrics, but it ultimately wins the readers’ respect and loyalty.


Our content focuses solely on educating your readers

It sounds paradoxical, but our content works well as marketing precisely because it strives not to be marketing. We do not push readers to buy products or services (though we often demonstrate how products and services can be used to solve specific problems). Our writers’ only goal is to help the reader solve problems, and that’s why readers love our content.