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Customer success manager

Coordinating between the customer and production team, SEO research, project management

The customer success manager:

  • Is the main point of contact for the customer on email, slack and/or calls. They respond promptly to any communication from the customer, and where possible implement any requests personally, or bring these requests to the production team in the internal #ritza-<customer> channel.
  • Understands the customer's product and target market. They can suggest topics and keywords, and create article briefs where necessary.
  • Does SEO and keyword research, SEO optimization, and monitoring to ensure Ritza's articles for the customer are ranking well.
  • Communicates with the managing editor and/or directly with a writer on topics and briefs.
  • Coordinates with the managing editor to get an article through drafting, QA, editing, and design by the deadline.
  • Ensures that the customer is satisified and that their current contract is still meeting their needs.

Understanding the product, target market, and search traffic

The customer success manager should wherever possible try out and actively use the customer's product, also providing feedback on improving it where relevant. They should understand who is likely to be a user or buyer of the product, and what information they might find useful, and what already exists, both on the customer's web properties and on other sites.

They use tools like SEMRush to find questions that people are asking about related areas. They find questions with high traffic that aren't already adequately answered, and that are 'meaty' enough to have a long-form article about.

They suggest these topics to the customer, and also look at traffic and related questions for any topics that the customer proposes.

Owning an article from idea through to publication

Once topics are agreed, the customer success manager updates the internal #ritza-<customer> channel about this. They keep an eye on the progress of the article to ensure that it is handed over by the writer, QA engineer, editor, and designer, and that progress is on track to meet the deadline.

They implement any small changes requested by the customer once a draft is delivered, or request help from the writer, QA engineer, editor, or designer for larger revisions.

Once the article is live, they monitor it to ensure it ranks well, and let the publisher know to cross post it if applicable.