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What I learned and found useful with The craft of writing effectively

Writing is not a just a talent and something you're naturally good at but it is something you need to regularly work on and keep improving. There is a certain stigma that writing is a basic skill and if you don't know how to write or do anything to improve that skill, then you are not competent enough.

Everything we have been taught and the whole schooling system in which we were taught is not exactly the correct way, that's why your writing work lacks value. We need to focus more on the reader instead of the rules we were taught. When it comes to your writing the person or community reading your work is more important and they determine how valuable your information really is.

You are writing and using your writing process to help yourself think. When the reader reads your text and you've convinced them to change the way they think, then you have done your job as a writer. The academic writing you've done was only read because educators had to, not because they wanted to and because your writing changed the way they saw the world and that is the system and rules we were taught about writing.

The rules about writing is that it needs to be clear, short and to the point, organized, and persuasive but the most important rule is that your writing needs to be valuable. If your writing is not valuable then none of the other rules matter because there is no use of any writing piece being clear, organized, persuasive and short but yet has no value at all, then it is completely useless, and the reader determines how much value is in your writing, that is why the reader should be your main focus and not your opinion on how you see the world. Writing is about the reader not the content.

Do not start your written piece with explanations and definitions because the reader already knows about the definition,they come to your writing for a problem to their solution.

To improve your writing and getting to understand your reader you should read popular articles and tutorials in your field and then circle the words that creates/adds value to the reader. You need to know your community of readers and what appeals to them and what they are looking for.

Writing is not conveying your ideas to the reader but it is about changing their ideas when they read your writing. Identify the people with power in your community of readers and give them what they want.Nothing will be accepted as knowledge or understanding until it has been challenged by someone competent enough to challenge it.

Anything you write has the function of helping your readers understand something better, they want to understand well. As a writer you're not suppose to do original or new work but to bring forward valuable work. You should not be creating new knowledge because at the end of the day the brutal honest truth is that the reader does not care.

Your written piece needs to move a conversation forward and not have it stagnant on one idea or problem for too long. Do not give background information, stories, definitions or generalizations. Start your writing piece with the problem (the reason for the article) and remember that the problem you are writing about is the the readers problem that they need a solution to. From the problem you need to go straight to the solution.